Software Design & Development is Our Game!

We got more than thirty years of experience in software development. From making advanced programmers tools to fully fledged and easy to use complex business applications connected to SQL databases. Our frameworks makes it easy to develop advanced systems extremely fast. Try us! We offer you a FREE prototype within a couple of days! The main tool we use is DataFlex, less known than similar Microsoft products but way quicker to develop with and used successfully by over a million people all over the world. And safe & secure as well! Windows, Web App or Mobile applications all share the same data dictionary code for all business logic is just one important piece of our frameworks.

Database Update Framework

For making automated database migrations. Designed to make it easy to make changes to databases at customer site when e.g. installing a new software revision.

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Windows Development

With more than 30 years of experience, we engineer reliable data based business solutions for the Windows platform and provide them swiftly and at competitive prices.

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Web Solutions

You can rely on us for developing your web applications, web services, mobile applications as well as cloud business applications.
Please ask us for a quote.

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