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web_solutions_thumb_58You can rely on us for developing your web applications, web services, mobile applications and cloud business applications. Please ask us for a quote.

The DataFlex integrated development environment for web applications means that Data Dictionary Objects and Business Process Objects can be shared among Windows client-server, web applications and web services.

The framework used provide a powerful, consistent yet flexible structure in which to maintain and evolve solutions as user demands and new technologies drive the need for change. The rich, object oriented language gives us the control to implement almost any database application that can be conceived.

The development tool we use has a multi-tiered architecture. An application’s business logic is contained in Data Dictionaries and Business Process Objects that are independent of the user interface. This carefully crafted structure provides a common layer of components used to build both Windows and Web application user interfaces.

Our solutions are database independent and can be deployed on any of the industry’s top database servers without application changing code. Database independence means lower cost, faster change processes, more flexibility and more scalability as database capacity, security, performance, platform and cost considerations change.

We have chosen the DataFlex development tools “because it works”. It has been tested by numerous developers that has created solutions for health care, transportation, manufacturing, financial services, insurance, education, construction, agriculture, food service, wholesale distribution, retailing, technology, and the public sector.

Test our mobile app by clicking this link: Mobile Order Entry Sample Appbut please understand that the app is in read-only mode and no changes can be saved.