Frequently Asked Questions about QuizMaster Manager

Why do I get a “This evaluation license has expired. Please contact DataAccess Worldwide or your local distributor to upgrade your license.” error when starting the application?

There can actually be two different reasons why you get this error.
First it can be because the 30-days evaluation period has expired and you have not registered the product. To register the product is FREE and can be done at
The second reason you why can get this error is because you either have a Visual DataFlex Studio installed (Development environment) or another Visual DataFlex application installed.
In both cases it is easy to fix the problem – Select “Change, Repair or Remove the Installation” from the QuizMaster Manager menu from Windows programs menu.
Select to Change the installation and select to not install License Files. This will remove the license files from the programs folder and the program will start correctly.
Note that the second option will only work if you already have a proper Visual Dataflex license on your computer

Where can I find the setting for using one or two languages?

Select Program Properties from the Tools menu. On the Advanced tab-page you can select to use one or two languages.

Why doesn’t all of the settings on the Program Properties dialog show up immediately when changed?

Some properties are Design Time Properties. This means that they cannot be changed while the program is running. If any such property is changed – the program must be started for the changes to take effect.
This is especially true for some ActiveX objects and it is just how the manufacturer of that component designed it.

How do I restore menus and toolbars to their original settings?

From the Windows menu select Display Options and Restore Menu and Toolbars. Or you can right-click on the status bar’s Display Options. From the popup menu select Restore Menu and Toolbars.

What is QuizMaster Manager?

It is a totally FREE product for creating quiz shows and comes with hundreds of ready made questions stored in a database. Together with the Auto-create guide it makes the creation of a quiz show extremely simple and fast to do.
Once created you press the Mark Rows button that will help you to distinguish when a question was used the last time – so it is not used to often or to soon.

The version you are using was derived from an Open Source project for developers to demonstrate various software tips & tricks.

When is the next version available?

It depends. It depends on how much interest people show in the product. How much feed-back that is send us and suggestions on additional things to add to the product.
Donations can be made on the products home page and that is of course also an incitement for us to continue to develop the product.

Be sure to click the Check for Updates from the programs Help menu from time to time.