RegCheck256N32A tool that helps protecting your DataFlex embedded database from being corrupted when run over a Windows network.

Improperly configured Windows networks can lead to data corruption in any file system database, including the embedded DataFlex database. Two Windows networking behaviors, opportunistic locking (on Windows Servers) and read caching (on Windows clients) are sources for corruption potential. In normal usage with terminal services and Citrix, users log onto a Windows Server and run applications locally on that server. If, however, an embedded database is located on another server than the one running WTS/Citrix, opplocks between the WTS/Citrix server and the database server must be disabled.

This utility has two parts. The first is a utility program which can be run on a server or a workstation to check its current settings. The second part consists of source-code package, which should be compiled into your program. The package will check and potentially change the settings each time your program is started.



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This is an open-source project. To read more and access the source-code, please visit VDF-Guidance.