Programs Showcase

This is a showcase of our software design and development capabilities.

Even though most of our time is spent on far more complex business solutions, the rights for these programs belong to our customers and thus we cannot show them here.
We also do a fair amount of sub-contracting as well as training new or experienced developers.

To find out how we can assist you in your development, please click here.

All our installation programs and applications are 100% free Windows applications and have a digital software certificate. To protect from virus threats, our programs automatically checks that the digital certificate is valid. Even if merely a single byte has been changed in the program file, e.g. by a virus – a warning message will be shown and the application will be closed.


The Database Update Framework

For making automated database updates. Designed to make it easy to update databases at customer site when e.g. installing a new software revision.

Mobile App – Order Entry Sample

A sample of a Mobile order entry app

cs_thumb54x56CodeSpy – The DataFlex Class Help Generator

Scans DataFlex source files for class definitions. It recognizes properties, functions, procedures and builds HTML-pages with documentation.

COM_thumb_54x56COM Manifest Studio

Manages registration free COM components for isolated applications.


A data synchronization tool that simplifies connecting to different types of databases and moving data between them, or between different locations.

nh_thumb_54x56National Holidays

Lists national holidays as well as showing nations data – such as ISO codes, currency and population – for all countries in the world.

qmm_thumb_54x56QuizMaster Manager

A program that helps a quizmaster handle lots of questions and to select from those questions to form a good quiz show.

alarm_thumb_newRDC Tools Laptop Alarm

Protects your laptop from theft. Typically it would be used when leaving the laptop for a brief moment, e.g. when in a public location.


A convenient tool for enabling you to keep on supplying your customers with a reliable solution for using the DataFlex embedded database.

STSync54x54ST Synchronizer

A tool that helps you restructure databases at production/customer sites.

WSU_thumb_54x56Windows Services Utility

A programmers utility that manages programs that should be run as Windows Services. You can create, edit, remove, start and stop services.

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