Software Development is Our Game!

We have more than thirty years of experience making software development. All in the range from making highly productive programming tools to fully fledged and easy to use business applications with SQL databases. Our advanced frameworks make it possible to develop very rapidly. Try us! We offer you a FREE prototype within a couple of days! Just use the "Contact Us" from the "About" menu to write us a line.

Programs Showcase

Check out our free Windows applications to get a taste of what we can deliver. They are all complete programs without any limitations and are guaranteed to be 100% virus-free.

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Windows Development

With more than 30 years of experience, we engineer reliable data based business solutions for the Windows platform and provide them swiftly and at competitive prices.

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Web Solutions

You can rely on us for developing your web applications, web services, mobile applications as well as cloud business applications.
Please ask us for a quote.

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